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neuro-acupuncture & ACUPUNCTURE

Practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine have used this noninvasive medical system to diagnose and help millions get well and stay healthy.


Deamani offers a variety of massage techniques from Sports and Deep Tissue to Shiatsu and Reiki. Learn about these methods to relax your mind and body.


Get to know the owner of Deamani AMS, LLC. Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist Rosanna Giuliani who specializes in Neuro-Acupuncture.


I have been working with Rosanna for many years as a massage therapist, little did I realize what a blessing it would be when she became an acupuncturist. I’ve had many baffling pains the doctors couldn’t diagnose. Rosanna figured out right away that the pains in my chest we’re not related to my heart but to my kidneys. She applied the needles And the chest pain stopped. Having a history of fibromyalgia and chronic pain my body now tells me when it is time to go, and tells Rosanna what is wrong with me to let her work her magic. Needles to the rescue!
— Martha C
I’ve always been a very anxious and nervous person and to exacerbate that, I was diagnosed with colitis in 2012. In an effort to save money and prove to myself that I’m my own cure and could heal with more holistic approaches, I turned to acupuncture. Having taken a break from it for a few years, I came back to the practice when MOYO, the yoga studio I teach and practice at began offering acupuncture in a community setting with Rosanna. It allows you to experience the impact of the practice without breaking the bank. I was a little hesitant about being in a group, but Rosanna has a way of making each individual feel appreciated, safe and supported. She has an infectious energy that translates into her practice. After a session with Rosanna I always feel more myself than when I walked in and more connected to my body and mind. I’m happy to say I no longer take medication for my colitis and have maintained my anxious spells with the power of acupuncture. Rosanna is a glorious soul!
— Amanda K