*Pricing Varies per Practitioner - Please refer to Treatment Cost Page*

Deep Tissue/Target Zone Massage

A massage that offers you a more intense muscle pattern and tension release in the body.  Deep pressure helps to relieve chronic muscle tension of the sub fascia layers of the muscle tissues.  Deep tissue can also focus on specified problem areas of the body such as legs, shoulders, neck, upper and lower back.  Trigger point therapy, compression and other deep tissue techniques help to correct and rebuild constant musculoskeletal ailments in the body. (30, 60 & 90 Minutes)

Thai Massage/Sports Massage

A massage that uses rhythmic compressions and stretching. Forms of stretching can be used for the body to include active release, static and PNF.  This technique is uplifting and can assist anyone in achieving meridian balance and creating better flexibility.  It is also an excellent massage for anyone who will be participating in an upcoming athletic event or post event to aid in release of any lactic acid build up and soreness.  You do not need to be flexible. (30 & 60 Minutes)

Tranquil Massage

Light to Moderate subtle touch that increases circulation, relieves tension and creates tranquility. Various Swedish, myofascial techniques, Tui Na and energy Qi can be used by the therapist.  This relaxing massage can also be done with aromatherapy or hot stones to aid a more specific approach to the body’s senses. (30 & 60 Minutes)


A technique of finger (Shi) pressure (atsu) therapy to harmonize the interrelationship of life force (qi) and blood. The balance of these two elements can be crucial to one’s health and wellbeing.  Generally a light touch treatment with huge physical and emotional benefits. (60 Minutes)


Taking the “Universal Light” the therapist uses little to no touch on the body.  The therapist hands are used to help heal the body using the energy emitted from his/her hands for areas the body most needs it. You will feel relaxed and should notice a change or shift in any part of the body that may have been problematic. (30 & 60 Minutes)